We live on a ranch in Carmel Valley, California with a dozen or so horses, four good dogs and a catahoula, a few rafters of turkeys, hawks, coyotes and the occasional mountain lion. I like to say that we’re not off the grid, but we can see the end of it from the front porch.

I’ve been creating content in higher education for 30 years with side gigs for broadcasting (HGTV, Food Network, PGA Tour, E!). Producing, writing, shooting, editing and a myriad of other tasks that it takes to get the message to the user. I see the job as assembling a puzzle; listen to what is being said, then using a mix of the right tools (video, audio, stills, motion grfx, testimonials, story, music) at the right place, to draw the viewers in and maximize engagement. Part art, part tech.

I like to joke that my job is helping explain the unexplainable to the hopelessly misinformed. And that’s the fun of it: Getting up to speed on a subject I might know very little about (biology last week, intercultural communications this week) then crafting a lesson by continuously asking ourselves if there is a better way to say this, to show this? Striking a balance between form and function, budget and time.

I’m also never too far from a camera of one kind or another, and never too far from a trail of one kind or another as well. I also volunteer my time and experience through Patagonia’s Catchafire program.

My wife Susie is a whiz with WordPress and pretty good with the horses.