Behind the Scenes: The Robin Hood Movie

I’ve been carrying the original film around with me for probably 45 years. I think it was shown only once, at a ‘premiere’ at the Hedgerow Theatre. I finally got it digitized a few weeks ago on a trip to LA. Procrastinating this long actually worked out for the better, as scanning technology and subsequent post production technology has improved exponentially in just the last few years. As a result we’ve been able to restore the original footage to a beautiful little film.

Tech specs:

The original 16mm film was probably Ektachrome reversal film (which is like slide film). Shot with a Bolex H16 EBM Electric courtesy of Vince.

The original was stored in a can for 45 years or so, and by some miracle didn’t get ruined by fungus or loss of color dyes. Even the tape edits held up through cleaning and scanning. Must be destiny.

Scanned to 2K by Spectra Film & Video in North Hollywood using a Scanity scanner to a 2048 x 1080 ProRes 4444 file with sonic cleaning.

Posted with DaVinci Resolve for color correction, dust and scratches removal and audio cleanup.

Final step was a pass through Topaz Video AI for a mild sharpening.

Uploaded to Vimeo.



This is a ‘before and after’ video of an early video transfer done many years ago and the latest edited version.