In or around 1978 a group of friends and family decided to create their own take on the timeless tale and created what is now known among all of us simply as…

The Robin Hood Movie.


  1. Mark Basse

    I’m still wondering how we managed to NOT poke someone’s eye out filming the battle scene.

  2. Shelly Simeone

    Best Christmas Present Ever❤️ Bravo ❤️

  3. Duke (Le Lumpkin) Bonnell

    So young, so beautiful, so hairy. God bless you Dean Basse. Magnificent job. Much love to all the cast and crew, on and off the planet. I still think Walt was more dashing than Errol Flynn. And the exquisite Miss Nancy/Maid Marian – oh be still my heart. Next up: King Lear, the Musical.


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