Chews Ridge, Ocean of Fog

Susan and I headed out to Chews Ridge, which is in the mountains behind the ranch, about 30 minutes and 3000 feet higher and stumbled on this view of the fog rolling in:

This proves once again that we should never go anywhere around here without a camera or two and some cold weather jackets.  As the sun went down, the lighting was beautiful, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped like a rock.  This was shot with the Nikon D7000 for both the stills and the timelapse.  I also had my Manfrotto video tripod, which is a little heavier than what I take normally take out for just stills, but the weight came in handy as the wind picked up.

The road is pretty rough with rocks and washboard surface, and coming back down you’ll heat up the brakes pretty good.  The trusty Element did OK, but I wouldn’t want to try it in much less.